Neurophysiology of human touch and eye gaze in therapeutic relationships and healing: a scoping review.

By Fiona Kerr, Rick Wiechula, Rebecca Feo, Tim Schultz and Alison Kitson

An ageing well collaboration: opportunity or wicked problem

Co-author with Lois Hazelton, L Murray Gillin, Alison Kitson and Noel Lindsay.

Choosing between Humans an AI in structuring the organisation for the emerging digital value creating paradigm

Written by Fiona Kerr, The NeuroTech Institute and Göran Roos

How technology shapes us : Getting the best from technology and the human brain in the changing world of CRE

Dr Fiona Kerr 

'The Art & Science of Looking Up'

Dr Fiona Kerr & Lekki Maze

Dr Fiona Kerr Media Appearances 

'The Look of Neuroscience'

By Tony Cox