About us

The NeuroTech Institute is changing the way we think about how we think, and technologizing accordingly.

In 2018 Dr Fiona Kerr founded The NeuroTech Institute to bring together academic and industry interests with a focus on creating and translating leading edge research into end-user products and consulting services. Based in Adelaide, the NeuroTech Institute offers local & global research and consulting services working at the intersection of neuroscience, emerging technology and ethical practice. It offers a truly multi-disciplinary approach to research and operations, bringing together small teams of experts in the areas of neuroscience, engineering, AI and robotics, psychology and policy.

Customers and research collaborators come from technology, health and aged care industry education, policy design and defence. By helping to clarify the complex benefits of both technology and humans in any given situation, our aim is to optimise the effective use of both for an efficient yet compassionate future where technology is a true enabler. 

Partnerships & Collaborators

Trish Hanson Urban Mind
Mary Freer The Compassion Revolution
Gill Hicks Out of Touch
George Raptis Curated
Chris Sampson Future Earth 
Chris Kalle R4 Robotics

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The NeuroTech Institute Pty Ltd, SAHMRI, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000, Australia